Case Upgrader 1.16 Mod Apk

Case Upgrader 1.16 Apk + Mod for Android

Case Upgrader Hacked

Case Upgrader is a simulator where you can open cases, upgrade skins, chat&trade with other players, play jackpot coin flip online and more!

Our app has all skins including souvenir & StatTrak & phases of dopplers! All ranks implemented! Buy or sell your skins using our currency!

Case Upgrader Features

  • Open cases with all skins or special cases with specific skins. You can open 4 cases at time. Earned skins you can use in upgrader, trades, contracts, coin flip, jackpot, tower, slot machine.
  • Multiply your skins by up to 6000x in tower or slot machine!
  • Fight with other players and earn more skins in online modes!
  • Chat and trade with other users online!
  • Try your luck, choose three good cards and win skin!
  • Fly with gaben and collect skins. The further you are, the better skins will be. Reach the best score and get top 1!

Case Upgrader Cheats

Case Upgrader Mod APK

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What's new

  1. Danger Zone Case
  2. Danger Zone Update
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