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Heroes War 1589 Mod Apk

Heroes War 1589 Apk + Mod for Android

Heroes War Hacked

Start your battle in the palm of your hand! 300 mercenaries to choose from with unique types and skills! You have the key to this Victory!

This game requires additional data download on first play after installation. This process requires stable internet connection. We recommend connecting to Wi-Fi.

Heroes War Mod APK

Heroes War Features

  • Set a mercenary with the highest click DMG and CRIT as the leader.
  • It’s also important to hire a mercenary with a [Gold Gain] buff.
  • Chaos-type mercenaries are a must. They can pierce through enemy defense.
  • Create a balance between debuff mercenaries to lower the enemy HP and DEF, and the mercenaries with DMG buffs!
  • Full of strong mercenaries with different personalities!
  • Fight for victory with skill research by casting buffs on your mercenary team and debuffs on the enemies!
  • Quickly defeat weak enemies with battle tactics, and defeat strong enemies by tapping.

Heroes War Hack APK

Download Heroes War APK

Download Heroes War Mod Original APK

What's new

  1. Added Facebook sign-in and save and load features
  2. Random mercenary awakening and possible transfer
  3. Random Mercenary Damage Down
  4. Sculpture Study Awakening Damage / Downward damage effect
  5. Scarecrows Increase Stamina
  6. Fixed bugs related to growing damage damage
  7. Fixed small bugs
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