Mine Survival 2.1.7 Mod Apk

Mine Survival 2.1.7 Apk + Mod for Android

Mine Survival Hacked

Through collections and hunting, you can create tools and buildings. Through it Protect yourself from zombies and survive for a long time. Adapted to five mode environment, Create a space protecting yourself from zombies!

First game of the Indie Game developer Wildsoda! There is a lot of shortcomings, but I will update continuously!

Mine Survival Mod APK

Mine Survival Features

  • Find a place where there is plenty of water and build a settlement!
  • Build various items and buildings through collection and hunting!
  • At night, zombies appear!
  • You can stop zombies by installing walls, snares, Towers, and Cannon!
  • Body temperature, hunger, water, and poo management are very important! Don’t starve!
  • Put him on the altar, call him, fight him! You can obtain the key for the next mode!
  • Build an altar, call him, and fight!

Download Mine Survival APK

Download Mine Survival Mod Original APK

What's new

  1. Changes the degree to which zombies become stronger every 5 days : 0.2% -> 0.15%
  2. Some Effect Changes
  3. Remove UI button (move to another site)
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