PJ Masks: Racing Heroes 1.3.8 Mod Apk

PJ Masks: Racing Heroes 1.3.8 Apk + Mod for Android

PJ Masks: Racing Heroes Hacked

Race with Catboy, Owlette and Gekko on this thrilling lunar adventure! Those night-time villains Luna Girl and Romeo want the moon crystals to increase their powers – you’ve got to stop them! Climb aboard the PJ Rovers and race across the Moon to recover as many crystals as you can.

But watch out – there are obstacles to challenge you at every turn. This is your chance to be a hero – just like the PJ Masks . . .

PJ Masks: Racing Heroes Mod APK

PJ Masks: Racing Heroes Features

  • Choose your favorite PJ Masks character
  • Collect gold moon crystals to upgrade your PJ Rover
  • Pickup power cells to activate Amulet power
  • Drive over boost pads for extra speed
  • Stay on the holo-platforms for extra power cells
  • Watch out for Luna Girl’s moonfizzle balls and Romeo’s shrink ray
  • Race the PJ Rovers across the lunar plains as you challenge the villains
  • Fly the HQ Rocket across the Moon.
  • Earn rewards and unlock new skills and levels

PJ Masks Hack APK

Download PJ Masks: Racing Heroes APK

Download PJ Masks: Racing Heroes Mod Original APK

PJ Masks Mod Gameplay

What's new

  1. Added voiceover
  2. Bug fixes and stability improvements
  3. Please note the black screen issue that affected some devices is now fixed
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