Sniper Man 1.1.6 Mod Apk

Sniper Man 1.1.6 Apk + Mod for Android

Sniper Man Hacked

First sniper hero with super powers to fight with enemies.

You only have 07 hours to succeed in top secret infiltration fps espionage
Become a legend in your team of super undercover sniper agents in this free fps game online. Get debriefed about this one mission to intercept, engage and eliminate enemy soldiers.

Your team of agents has tracked this organization across the globe to this modern island where the lab is hidden. In this epic fps sniper game, your main objective is to use stealth and raid base to wipe out plans of world domination by enemy scientists.

Sniper Man Mod APK

Sniper Man Features

  • Enter mode for accepting missions and infiltrate base on island like a pro undercover sniper agent. Scout around the environment of this unique fps game with advance and modern physics to engage enemy sniper soldiers that are on lookout in combat. In this free endless fighting game, sneak into the lab through secret entrance like a true top fps agent and stop enemy scientist’s henchmen from putting their plan into action.
  • Destroying enemy plans and capturing their boss will not be easy. You must be equipped with advance weaponry like sniper rifle guns, pistols and other futuristic modern gadgets provided for this top secret op to infiltrate enemy base.
  • This mission has been designed and developed as complete multi-chapter exciting non-repetitive objectives.
  • Collect different kinds of gadgets throughout the gameplay and improve your inventory to move forward in this fps sniper game.
  • Enjoy realistic gameplay environment and sound effects.

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What's new

  1. Mission 5 issue fixed
  2. Bugs fixation
  3. Improvements and Optimization
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