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Heroes Stickman & Shadow Fighter- Android Run Game

Stick Fight 1.20 Apk + Mod for Android

Stick Fight Hacked

Stick Fight: Heroes Stickman & Shadow Fighter- Run is rpg offline game is the most unique space battle game, league of stickmen free where you will become a stickman shadow hero with gun and sword to rescue the planets and become a stick knight in the jungle world. The planets have been invaded in a battle by the evil stickman and robot war army also monster

A stunning action RPG filled with heroics, adventure, and a diverse assortment of creatures and fiends.

Stick Fight Mod APK

Stick Fight: Heroes Stickman & Shadow Fighter- Run combines the timeless appeal of classic arcade games with stunning graphics you have to see to believe.Metal Dash is action RPG game. This game will take you through series of classic levels, various enemies and boss battles with amazing experience of side scrolling platformer games. Use various weapons filled with slug and power ups to fight your way through a multiple enemies, copters and put an end to the evil army leader’s and his world of terror.

Beat them all enemies in Stick Fight: Heroes Stickman & Shadow Fighter- Run ! Please hold your arms up and face dangerous challenges ahead.

Your hero name Alex, a jungle boy, Alex has to rescue world alone and have jungle adventure. So help him to gain more powerful abilities to defeat the wizard, monster, zombie, robot…Jump and run, shooting and fighter through Alex’s world and have fun with 32 awesome well-designed levels.

Stick Fight Hack APK

Stick Fight Features

  • Alex have a adventure with fighter to fight monkey monster throw banana, wolf monster, Eagle monster
  • Using all of skill, shoot, jump, run and fighter to destroy big boss is Rhino and overcome a challenge
  • Hero skill : run, jump, fighter, shooter…

Stick Fight Android Mod

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Stick Fight Mod Gameplay

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