Turret Fusion 1.4.3 Mod Apk

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Turret Fusion 1.4.3 Apk + Mod for Android

Turret Fusion Hacked

Tower defense and idle games combined; this is an alien invasion like never before. Use your towers to mow down a relentless invasion. Fuse towers to strengthen your defense and advance your weaponry through stronger turrets to starships, and discover a secret mega-weapon!

Turret Fusion Mod APK

Turret Fusion Features

  • Deploy turrets to key locations
  • Every kill earns you biomass; invest into new towers
  • Fuse two similar towers for a much stronger tower
  • Rank up and unlock access to new areas

Turret Fusion Hack APK

Download Turret Fusion APK

Download Turret Fusion Mod Original APK

Turret Fusion Mod Gameplay

What's new

  1. Upgrades to stop low level turrets
  2. Faster game load
  3. Better battery life
  4. Landscape support on big screens
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