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Youtubers Life 1.4.2 Apk + Mod for Android

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Being a famous youtuber is everyone’s dream! In Youtubers Life you will know how it feels to be a star! Learn the day-to-day life of famous Youtubers like Pewdiepie in this simulation game! What will be the theme of your channel?

In this simulator you will have to manage your time to take care of your daily obligations and upload weekly videos to the channel. At first it will be difficult to get followers but the more videos you upload, the more they will increase! Do not get affected by the comments of your haters and reach your goal: To become a popular youtuber and live your life surrounded by luxury!

Before building your video channels you must craft your own avatar. First decide among a variety of hats, hairstyle and shirts, make your avatar a fashion victim and dress them up with the most modern clothes. But be careful, manage your money well and do not make unnecessary purchases because every coin saved will bring you closer to your goal: To become a millionaire!

Once you’re ready, the real adventure begins! Choose the theme of your channel, there are multiple options!

Youtubers Life Mod APK

Youtubers Life Features

Developing a channel is not easy, so manage your money well and do not run out of resources to be able to go shopping. If you follow any Video blog, maybe you can take some tips from him to increase your followers. Make yourself the most popular Vlogger but… are you ready for all kind of comments?

Managing your budget efficiently is the key to become a millionaire youtuber… So, do not spent your money on unnecessary things! Make your avatar well-balanced in your social life and in your internet responsibilities. Enjoy spending time with friends, but also upload videos and keep an eye in the views and likes.

Youtubers Life is a simulator that will teach you how it’s like to be a social media star and live a life like Jacksepticeye! Reaching stardom is easy, but the responsibilities of being an influencer are very hard. Manage your time and money and do not stop uploading videos to your channel or you can lose some subscribers. You should go shopping from time to time to update your wardrobe!

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What's new

  1. Improved performance and framerate for all locations.
  2. Sometimes Network events stopped coming.
  3. Phone presentation sometimes failed.
  4. Game froze on loading screen.
  5. Course window blocked progress when a collaborator was selected.
  6. Social bar dropped to 0.
  7. GUI translation errors (Spanish text).
  8. Multiple errors in the Pipper section.
  9. Creating live shows and restaurant gigs blocked the game.
  10. Several card game issues
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